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Guided Slides & Guided Rods Configurator

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Guided Rod (GR)
Guided Slide (GS)
Mounting Style
Standard (S)
Transition (T)
Bore Size
8mm 1/2" Bore (05)
10mm 3/4" Bore (07)
12mm 1-1/4" Bore (12)
20mm 2-1/2" Bore (25)
Mounting Pattern
Imperial (I)
Metric (M)
1/2" 12mm
1" 25mm
1-1/2" 40mm
2" 50mm
3" 75mm
Bearing Type
Composite (C)
Plain Bearing Insert (P)
Linear Ball (B)
Guide Type
Single End (SE)
Single End - 1/8" Tooling Plate Gap (SG)
Double End (DE)
Double End - 1/8" Tooling Plate Gap (DG)
Single End - Long Stroke (SL)
Stroke (in) (1/4" Increments)

Options and Accessories

Tooling Plate
Bridge Plate (N22)
Tapped Tooling Plate (N23)
Counterbored Tooling Plate (N24)
Blank Tooling Plate (N26)
Dowel Pin Holes
Normal Fit Dowel Pin Holes in Tooling Plate (J2)
Normal Fit Dowel Pin Holes in Body (R2)
Magnetic Piston (N30)
Stainless Steel Piston Rod and Guide Rod (N40)
Corrosion Resistant Coating on Guide Rods (Q6)
Body Through-Hole Mounting (N50)
Body Threaded-Hole Mounting (N51)
Front Flange (150)
Rear Flange (151)
Stop Collars
Stop Collar - Retract (N10)
Stop Collar - Extend (N11)